Dystopia - Megadeth



  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 2016-01-22
  • Advanced: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Number: 13

  • ℗ 2016 Universal Music Enterprises, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


Name Artist Duration
The Threat Is Real Megadeth 4:22 1.29 USD
Dystopia Megadeth 4:59 1.29 USD
Fatal Illusion Megadeth 4:15 1.29 USD
Death from Within Megadeth 4:47 1.29 USD
Bullet to the Brain Megadeth 4:29 1.29 USD
Post-American World Megadeth 4:25 1.29 USD
Poisonous Shadows Megadeth 6:02 1.29 USD
Look Who's Talking Megadeth 4:14 1.29 USD
Conquer... or Die! Megadeth 3:33 1.29 USD
Lying In State Megadeth 3:34 1.29 USD
The Emperor Megadeth 3:52 1.29 USD
Last Dying Wish Megadeth 3:49 1.29 USD
Foreign Policy Megadeth 2:28 1.29 USD


  • Foreign Policy

    From CrimsonKing
    Liberals taking us down a dark twisted path...
  • Uh

    From Icie3
    666 ratings?
  • Dystopian Dream

    From Velo4300
    This album, to me a long time metal fan is like a virus. At first I thought Dave can’t come close to the first four Megadeth albums (classic, ESSENTIAL, thrash albums). I was actually biased against this album but I kept coming back to it. Why? Because it is another masterpiece of modern thrash. Seriously a masterpiece of modern metal music. Thank you Dave Mustaine.
  • Poisonous Shadows

    From Ozcrome
    Buy this album for Chris Adler’s drumming on Poisonous Shadows, which to me is the high point of an overall exceptional Megadeth experience.
  • Fantastic album! XD

    From ajzimm4
    I love this album! The best song in my opinion is fatal illusion because first of all I love metal music second of all fatal illusion is in watch dogs2. Keep up the great work megadeth #megadethfan!
  • One of the best megadeth albums to date

    From jpizze
    One of the best albums in metal to come out in a while . Dave is a genius on guitar and he shows it off in this album . Pick it up you will not regret it
  • Won a Grammy for a Reason

    From That One Metal Guy
    Have you been looking for new, good metal to listen to? Haven't been able to find any? Everything is boring nowadays? Well look no further because this album is your thrash messiah - awakening to please your eardrums with brutal, chunky riffs, and guitar solos that'll make you orgasm on the spot if not combust. This new, Grammy award winning album by the number one in the big four, Megadeth, is absolutely astounding and ranks as the best record they've done since Countdown To Extinction, and Rust In Peace which features the new and improved line up featuring new blood, Kiko Loureiro from Angra on lead guitar, co-founding bassist, David Ellefson, Lamb of God drummer, Chris Adler, and the legend himself, Dave Mustaine. Make your life 100x better by getting this album and the face-melting content it possesses. WARNING: Playing this record in public will attract boatloads of chicks.
  • Megadeth is back!!!!!

    From 1Skorpius
    By far the best Mega album it's been many many that I have waited for Megadeths true thrash potential I've always said Megadeth needs to be a bit more aggressive with the guitar and drums and it's definitely shown in this album true trash metal!!!
  • Seriously?

    From fitsound
    If this is music, then my garbage disposal is a symphony.
  • Great work

    From TurtleDo
    Really has some killer tracks, most of them stand out and stick in my mind after listening to it. Definitely worth buying. (Conquer or die is my personal favorite.)