Balancê - Sara Tavares


Sara Tavares

  • Genre: Brazilian
  • Release Date: 2005-11-28
  • Advanced: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Number: 13

  • ℗ 2005 World Connection BV / Times Square


Name Artist Duration
Balancê Sara Tavares 4:32 0.99 USD
Born Feeling Sara Tavares 4:29 0.99 USD
Lisboa Kuya Sara Tavares 4:33 0.99 USD
Ess Amor Sara Tavares 4:02 0.99 USD
One Love Sara Tavares 4:35 0.99 USD
Poka Terra Sara Tavares 4:26 0.99 USD
Amor É Sara Tavares 3:23 0.99 USD
Dam Bô Sara Tavares 5:38 0.99 USD
Guisa Sara Tavares 4:34 0.99 USD
Planeta Sukri Sara Tavares 4:31 0.99 USD
Novidadi Sara Tavares 3:51 0.99 USD
Muna Xeia Sara Tavares 6:27 0.99 USD
De Nua Sara Tavares 5:23 0.99 USD


  • Simply beautiful!

    From TJ Sil
    Sensual, lyrical, simply beautiful.
  • Absolutely Fantastic!

    From Byte Medic
    Stumbled onto the album by accident. Wow. Glad I did. This is some of the best music I've heard in quite some time.
  • Great Album!

    From adkgolden
    Bom Feeling does just that to me..... happy uplifting, can't help but dance with joy!

    From GabrielJacmel
    I found out about this artist by accident, someone I know was playing her CD. So, I had gone to youtube to look her up, and saw the interview she had done on this album. I saw the music video to Balance' and had to get the album the song I enjoy the most is track #10 Planeta Sukri. It have a little bit of samba and bossa nova mix to it. This is definitely an album worth purchasing, I hope to see her perform in the States soon.
  • Totally Amazing Album

    From Mike-stro
    A few months ago, I heard Sara Tavares interviewed on the radio. I was so impressed with her music, that I came home, found it on the internet, and replayed the interview for my wife. We wrote her name on a scrap of paper and stuck it to the refrigerator. I could hardly contain my excitment when I found her album while surfing iTunes. Sara's voice is beautifully clear, and full of feeling and emotion. Qualities that jump out and touch your heart. Regretably, I don't understand many of the lyrics, however I doesn't seem to matter. My favorite song is the title track (Balance). Although, I found enough interest and variety in the rest of the music to gladly purchased the full album.
  • Great discovery!!!

    From drgio
    One of the best CDs i've heard this year, if not the best. This one is just AWESOME!
  • Sara is a true wonder!

    From Artoni
    Sara has a special vibe & insight that allows her to hear and convey all the colors of the rainbow and deliver them to our ears & than straight to our hearts. She fills my heart with a joy that makes me scream with happiness. Wow what a treasure...Bom Feeling
  • Also on Joy Denalane's Vier Frauen

    From 07070707070707
    Sara's is one of the beautiful voices of four women in the song "Vier Frauen" on Joy Denalane's cd Mamani. This is a must-have for true Sara fans and a great cd, too!!!
  • impeccable...

    From Asha T
    please...I implore this for yourself...this is an absolutely breathtaking album. My favorite is Guisa....your heart will just ache, it's so beautiful!
  • Happily Soulful

    From Navaluke
    Happiness and soul seem mutually exclusive sometimes in music, but Sara Tavares blends them perfectly. An Excellent Album. I heard Sara in an interview on the radio. The way she could infuse her songs with different rhythms was amazing. I enjoy her clean acustic qualities and look forward towards future albums.

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