Rosa - Rosa Passos


Rosa Passos

  • Genre: Brazilian
  • Release Date: 2006-04-25
  • Advanced: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Number: 15

  • ℗ 2006 Editorial Musical Dunas


Name Artist Duration
Duas Contas Rosa Passos 1:11 0.99 USD
Eu Nao Existo Sem Voce Rosa Passos 2:32 0.99 USD
Sutilezas Rosa Passos 4:59 0.99 USD
Ate Quem Sabe Rosa Passos 4:32 0.99 USD
Olhos Nos Olhos Rosa Passos 4:18 0.99 USD
Sentado a Beira do Caminho Rosa Passos 7:07 0.99 USD
Molambo Rosa Passos 3:27 0.99 USD
Jardim Rosa Passos 4:58 0.99 USD
Demasiado Blue Rosa Passos 3:43 0.99 USD
Desilusion Rosa Passos 3:58 0.99 USD
Edredon de Seda Rosa Passos 4:00 0.99 USD
Nao Sei o Que Acontece Rosa Passos 4:05 0.99 USD
Detalhe Rosa Passos 5:38 0.99 USD
Fusion Rosa Passos 5:08 0.99 USD
Inverno Rosa Passos 2:06 0.99 USD


  • Bliss

    From ZissouTheGreat
    Rosa at her finest; this album exudes a joie de vivre to its listener. A must-have for all who appreciate bossa.
  • Great Stuff

    From Teddd 0912
    Love the song "Jardim." Rosa has a beatiful voice.
  • Excellent, intimate album!

    I only wish there were some upbeat pieces. Regardless, I love her voice and playing!
  • Spellbinding

    From Bonsoir Amis
    This could be the album that inspires me to learn Portuguese and guitar. A search for Jardim, one of my favorite Henri Salvador songs, led me to the discovery of this beautiful work by Rosa Passos. I surrender.
  • simple perfection

    From zim zim
    Is this just guitar and vocals? I hear an orchestra! I like her more jazz stuff, but this simple voice/guitar album is beautiful in its purity and leaves the space to fall in love with her voice and guitar interplay, and enjoy her pristine artistry-this speaks even though I don't understand portuguese!
  • Brazil has given the world a gift...

    From Neotheodora
    Rosa sings and plays as if there were two artists at work. Her voice as one and her guitar artistry created by another. The two flow seemlessly together and yet, the music leaves one haunted by her vocals. Is that the sound of of the shores of Bahia in her voice? The waves, the sun, the warmth of the people? Is Brazil really as beautiful as Rosa makes her seem? I speak no portugese, but the music itself bespeaks much of a culture, a people, of emotions that I vaguely recall of my own. I saw Rosa perform in DC last spring and was changed forever more. I walked out of the Smithsonian Concert Hall and one step closer to Brazil. If I had all the money, I would pay Rosa to come and play for me every night after dinner. Such a warming breeze to cool the intense, counterpuntal rhythms and complex beats of our mainstream pop/rock/hiphop culture that try to project or mirror life in all its complexities. But who really wants to be reminded of that daily grind mess? I'd rather have Rosa Passos and artists like her bringing us back to more simpler expressions of a life we either pine for or reminisce. Buying her music is like an investment into cultivating your soul.
  • Basics.

    From Artic
    This kind of recordings, so acoustic and intimate, can only be made with good reults by masters of their art. This is one of this cases. It reminds me Joao Gilberto´s Voce e violao, his fantastic acoustic album produced by Cateano Veloso,this kind of albums are jewels that apear once in a while. Thank you Rosa.
  • Discover an Awesome Voice

    From nspen1010
    I just discovered Rosa Passos today and I must say, What an awesome voice! I hope someone from Verve Remixed remixes a few of her tracks into jazzy-dance-tracks i.e. Manteca and Slap That Bass.
  • Rosa (Rosa Passos)

    From mpilnick
    Simply phenominal. North America is missing out on a phenominal, sensual new voice who brings to life many of the Brazillian classics. It doesn't get any better.
  • Yippee! Another Rosa Passos album....

    From Paintergirl
    Just beautiful; like silk.