Traces - Steve Perry


Steve Perry

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2018-10-05
  • Advanced: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Number: 10

  • ℗ 2018 OMT Productions, LLC., Under exclusive license to Fantasy Records, a division of


Name Artist Duration
No Erasin' Steve Perry 4:07 1.29 USD
We're Still Here Steve Perry 4:06 1.29 USD
Most of All Steve Perry 4:23 1.29 USD
No More Cryin' Steve Perry 4:29 1.29 USD
In the Rain Steve Perry 4:06 1.29 USD
Sun Shines Gray Steve Perry 3:57 1.29 USD
You Belong to Me Steve Perry 4:07 1.29 USD
Easy to Love Steve Perry 4:03 1.29 USD
I Need You Steve Perry 2:59 1.29 USD
We Fly Steve Perry 3:56 1.29 USD


  • Tired

    From Mflynn7491
    His voice is tired. The songs are tired. The music is tired. Very disappointing. I wish he had left us with the memories instead of producing an album of pablum.
  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    From Wish there were zero stars
    This is soooooooo boring. L love the guy but this is droning, watered down and uninspired. It’s like Kenny G but a singer.
  • i'm so confused

    From missdazyinla
    so steve sees a picture of a woman half his age in a documentary a friend is making. he does the rock star cliche and wants to meet her and immediately falls in love with her. there is already an end to this relationship so he doesn't really have to commit. and let me repeat she is about 30 years younger. 6 years later we get this maudlin album? voice is still good but songs are boring, musicians seem too old. do i detect drum machines?? oh my. this is all bad.
  • MY All time Favorite Male Rock Singer

    From oek9mom
    I've loved Steve Perry since they originally came onto the music scene. And other than the Beatles, Journey was always my favorite band. I was thrilled to see Steve was releasing an album & couldn't wait. I wanted to love it. But it just makes me sad. And it's not the obviously older vocal range but that there's no fire there anymore...I know Steve's been through tough times & can appreciate some of the writing but truly wish he & Neil & the band could collaborate on another album if not a tour. I still love Steve Perry but this album, not so much.
  • We’re still here

    From love Love Steve Perry
    Should have been number one on the billboard. 👍🏼💙
  • Beautiful

    From Cat999
    That voice is just as glorious as I remember. Welcome back, Steve. You have been missed.
  • My concern is verified, unfortunately

    From Carguy Jim
    I REALLY wanted to like Steve's new songs but they failed me on two levels. First, his voice has lost it's range which is understandable. The songs secondly lack passion and soul... Hopefully the band can include him in the future. Journey Featuring Steve Perry sounds good!!!
  • Welcome Back Steve

    From Jesn5555
    Wow...what a beautiful way to come back...better than just ballads. Deeply moving, beautifully written, music well done and filled with nice surprises all throughout. And the voice, still got it, thank you GOD...and have been missing you for a long time. Welcome back and thank you. What an increedible Gift to us to the world!
  • Just to simply say “thank you!”

    From Rockin' Mom-mom
    I have been a Journey/Steve Perry fan since I first heard that incredible voice sing “Lights” and I have been loyal the whole way. I refuse to listen to Journey without him because it feels like cheating. To think that there will be a reunion is just a bit much. This album is about loss, acceptance and moving on. It’s not going to be another “Escape”. Those days are gone. I just want to say thank you for gracing us with your voice again. You have been sadly missed. And to those with negative comments about his voice, let’s see what you sound like at 70.
  • Thank you Kelly for helping Steve come back

    From himspooh
    This is a dream come true... we’ve waited almost 30 years to hear this awesome voice again.....this is the beginning of the new Steve..... older, mature, and STILL VERY TALENTED. Thank you Steve for bringing us great music again and remember what you promised Kelly ☺️ She’s watching, keep moving forward