Traces - Steve Perry


Steve Perry

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2018-10-05
  • Advanced: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Number: 10

  • ℗ 2018 OMT Productions, LLC., Under exclusive license to Fantasy Records, a division of


Name Artist Duration
No Erasin' Steve Perry 4:07 1.29 USD
We're Still Here Steve Perry 4:06 1.29 USD
Most of All Steve Perry 4:23 1.29 USD
No More Cryin' Steve Perry 4:29 1.29 USD
In the Rain Steve Perry 4:06 1.29 USD
Sun Shines Gray Steve Perry 3:57 1.29 USD
You Belong to Me Steve Perry 4:07 1.29 USD
Easy to Love Steve Perry 4:03 1.29 USD
I Need You Steve Perry 2:59 1.29 USD
We Fly Steve Perry 3:56 1.29 USD


  • Long time coming

    From OUSteeler1
    Love the voice and the song writing do this man. Welcome back Steve you were missed.
  • Can we please have Journey back!

    From Chjcsajocxvmgzg
    Neither are the same without each other. Every time I see journey w the new guy it’s such a huge disappointment. Please find your way back to each other.
  • he is back

    From pndldy
    wonderful with such connection, the same emotional feeling I have is back listening to him. Oh how we have missed you!
  • Lovely

    From Starluko
    This album is in my car on CD and on my iPod for home. It’s filled with so much heart that I instantly relax with his voice in my ears. I was a fan. Now, I’m in love with the songs. I hope he continues and gives me more in another album. Keep going Steve.
  • ☹️

    From no nickname needed to express
    Dull and totally swappy album. Couldn’t pay me to hear it again- hearing it once was absolute Torture - definitely sticking to Journey’s “Escape” Album.
  • Glad he’s back

    From rva sb1966
    Great voice but not much to the songs
  • Steve is Back !!!

    From Grod70
    Steve is back and so is his AMAZING voice. Thank you Mr. Perry for sharing this with us all.
  • Welcome Back, Steve

    From Jalba23
    **Bias Alert** I have been a Steve Perry fan for a very long time, since I first heard the Steve lead version of Journey. I love his solo work and I tend to like the songs that were not necessarily a commercial success, such as "Harmony", "I Believe", etc. I had been anxiously awaiting Steve's return and when I first started listening to Traces, I thought two things: 1. Steve sounds exactly like he did on the Trial By Fire album, meaning, not quite reaching the notes he could hit back on Infinity, Departure and Evolution, but a richer, deeper, voice that can still carry the hell out of a tune. 2. My first impressions, after one listen, were that the songs were good, but the album was all ballads. Luckily, I waited to write this review because the more I listen to this album, the more I love it. Put on a good pair of headphones and give it a listen and you will find Steve in great form, that fantastic voice hasn't lost much- what he has lost in pitch, he has gained in richness. I've now listened to the album about 25 times and I am loving it. My favorite tunes on it: We're Still Here; Sun Shines Gray; I Need You and Most of All. I really enjoy every song on the record, although I just haven't found much love for "We Fly"- I'm just not connecting with that son for some reason. In my honest opinion, this record is Steve's second best solo album, behind "Street Talk" and ahead of "For the Love of Strange Medicine". As a huge Journey (with Steve Perry) fan, and a fan of the man himself, I am so happy to hear his voice again- I honestly did not think this would happen. I know Kellie Nash is smiling as she listens to this great record and Steve should be very proud that he kept his promise to Kellie and put together a beautiful album.
  • It’s Steve Perry at his best!

    From jescott
    What else can be said, it’s Steve Perry enough said
  • Melancholy voice soars

    From 1ironbyron
    My ears needed this album. From the first song this album grabs your attention and the satisfaction feels like a guilty thief of his pain. Tears of gratitude and thanks for sharing these songs.