Weezer (Teal Album) - Weezer

Weezer (Teal Album)


  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2019-01-24
  • Advanced: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Number: 10

  • ℗ 2019 Weezer under exclusive license to Crush Music / Atlantic Recording Corporation fo


Name Artist Duration
Africa Weezer 3:58 1.29 USD
Everybody Wants to Rule the Wo Weezer 4:04 1.29 USD
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This Weezer 3:34 1.29 USD
Take on Me Weezer 3:43 1.29 USD
Happy Together Weezer 2:25 1.29 USD
Paranoid Weezer 2:44 1.29 USD
Mr. Blue Sky Weezer 4:46 1.29 USD
No Scrubs Weezer 3:10 1.29 USD
Billie Jean Weezer 4:54 1.29 USD
Stand by Me Weezer 3:00 1.29 USD


  • Just plain ok

    From lucia cia
    No big deal
  • Rip Off Artists

    From Golferprojoe8
    MAKE YOUR OWN SONGS! No one wants to hear inferior versions of other’s work!
  • Make it your own!

    From WriConsult7
    When I first heard about this album (not just the initial, underwhelming Africa cover) I had high hopes for it. I like Weezer, who have a distinctive style. And I love a good cover, especially when a band takes an essentially good song and makes it their own, doing it in a different style. What happened here? Somehow they managed to make the songs all sound like Weezer, which is to their credit, but somehow they stayed too faithful to the originals, so they didn't end up owning them. What a weird trick. Ultimately they've missed the point of a good cover album. So instead of buying this album, I've put together my own Teal playlist of the same these songs with BETTER covers than Weezer's. For some of these are there are multiple, diverse covers that work. Buy these instead, and get more enjoyment: Africa - Tyler Ward & Lisa Cimorelli Everybody Wants to Rule - Lorde Sweet Dreams - Marilyn Manson; also Red Hot Chili Peppers; also Emily Browning Take on Me - Reel Big Fish Happy Together - Mel Torme; also the Nylons Paranoid - Megadeth Mr Blue Sky - the Delgados No Scrubs - Weezer (I'll give them this one: this song is so bad Weezer has the best cover ... maybe other bands will discover the camp value of covering No Scrubs in the future) Billie Jean - the Civil Wars; also Chris Cornell Stand by Me - Florence + the Machine
  • Killing it

    From Mesquitebuffalo
    Pretty much a set of perfect covers.
  • Nice to hear weezer playing some sort of rock.

    From All about the 90s
    Stick to rock guys
  • Really...???

    From 80's were the real deal...
    Sad, not even good remakes... straight up karaoke....
  • One of my favorite Weezer projects

    From Mark TT
    I know this album reviewed a lot of criticism, but I personally like that they kept the songs relatively the same. These familiar beats and lyrics paired with River’s voice sound amazing. I like most of these songs more than the originals.
  • Wow

    From Grinchlvr
    I listened to Africa and it sounded just like Toto! Omg!
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    From rmaxon
    Even tho it’s a cover album, still better than the black album. Weezer always doing their own thing and not giving a f*** Keep it up boys!
  • Africa

    From phiremedic
    Their version of Africa is brilliant. Great group