United Abominations - Megadeth

United Abominations


  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 2007-05-08
  • Advanced: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Number: 11

  • ℗ 2007 The Echo Label Limited, a BMG Company trading as ECHO


Name Artist Duration
Sleepwalker Megadeth 5:53 1.29 USD
Washington Is Next! Megadeth 5:18 1.29 USD
Never Walk Alone... A Call to Megadeth 3:54 1.29 USD
United Abominations Megadeth 5:33 1.29 USD
Gears of War Megadeth 4:25 1.29 USD
Blessed Are the Dead Megadeth 4:02 1.29 USD
Play for Blood Megadeth 3:48 1.29 USD
À Tout le Monde (Set Me Free) Megadeth 4:09 1.29 USD
Amerikhastan Megadeth 3:43 1.29 USD
You're Dead Megadeth 3:18 1.29 USD
Burnt Ice Megadeth 3:47 1.29 USD


  • One of the best metal records ever made

    From 7YearLocust
    Even for megadeth this is a standout, this is up there with and justice for all in the pantheon of best metal records of the modern era.
  • close to thrash and almost there

    From Jackson Dude
    megadeth hasn't delivered something like this in many years. it's fast and heavy like peace sell or rust in peace which of course is very promising, but it doesn't quiet remind me of the classic megadeth. don't get me wrong there are some epic tracks on this album like gears of war, a call to arms, and especially Washington is next. what it's lacking is what you'll finally find in the next two albums (endgame and thirteen). which is the unpredictable madness of riffs and solos most prominent in megadeths first two albums. that being said, this album is not too pass up by any means and is a great album all around.

    From DeathbatTwinkie
    Personally, Megadeth is my favorite thrash metal band. And this album doesn't disappoint. Washington Is Next! and Amerikihastan are my favorites from the album. BUY IT IF YOU ARE A TRUE MEGADETH AND THRASH FAN. :D
  • Awesome Album

    From Metalhead6541
    This is pretty much my favorite album right after rust in peace. Some songs that stick out Washington is next United Abomintions Sleepwalker Never walk alone Gears of war
  • Awesome!

    From Emoboi425
    I highly recommend it to any Megadeth fan!
  • Incredible!

    From xMidnightxFuelx
    All of the songs on this album have amazing potential to be classics. I listened to the whole album and I was pleased with pretty much the entire album! Total shred fest in this new album! With the addition of the Drovers on this album, I think they really made a fantastic impact on this album with the drumming and guitar work. Favorites - Sleepwalker, Never Walk Alone...A Call to Arms, A Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free), and Burnt Ice.
  • Megadeth!

    From Ace n Eric
    You know I really love Amerikastan because of the guitar work. It's phenominal! Good buy as well.
  • Really awesome

    From Buttersisawesome
    A really good album! I love "Washington is Next!", "Gears of War", "Sleepwalker", "Burnt Ice", and "United Abominations"! A completely killer album, just like all of their albums!
  • Awesome

    From Dissapointedmetallicafan
    Except for the remake of "A Tout le Monde", I loved the album. But they should have left out "A Tout le Monde". It was better on Youthanasia
  • Unreal

    From The Masked Waffle
    This album is genius, there aren't words I can use to describe how raw and well thought out this album was. Dave Mustaine does it again. If you are debating buying this album, DO IT. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. This is the third time ive bought this album because I lost my first 2 copies.