7 Vezes - O Rappa

7 Vezes

O Rappa

  • Genre: Brazilian
  • Release Date: 2008-07-29
  • Advanced: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Number: 14

  • ℗ 2008 Warner Music Brasil Ltda


Name Artist Duration
Meu Santo Tá Cansado O Rappa 5:07 0.99 USD
Verdade de Feirante O Rappa 4:45 0.99 USD
Hóstia O Rappa 3:23 0.99 USD
Meu Mundo é o Barro O Rappa 4:39 0.99 USD
Farpa Cortante O Rappa 4:15 0.99 USD
Em Busca do Porrão O Rappa 4:24 0.99 USD
7 Vezes O Rappa 5:12 0.99 USD
Monstro Invisível O Rappa 4:40 0.99 USD
Maria O Rappa 5:16 0.99 USD
Súplica Cearense O Rappa 6:02 0.99 USD
Fininho da Vida O Rappa 4:50 0.99 USD
Documento O Rappa 3:59 0.99 USD
Respeito Pela Mais Bela O Rappa 3:51 0.99 USD
Vários Holofotes O Rappa 3:55 0.99 USD


  • O Rappa...fodasticos!!!

    From GuimeX
    O bicho pega mermaum!!! The best beat ever!!!
  • simply amazing!!!!

    From azucey
    i swear this must be the best album i've heard in years!!!
  • O Rappa Delivers Again!

    From Tonybrasil
    I have practically all their music and have to see that this album is overall one if not their very best. My favorite song on this album is the title track (7 Vezes) with Monstro Invisivel, Maria, Documento and Meu Santo also being considered my favorites. Not their overall best songs, but all the songs are solid- we could choose- Minha Alma, Para Pegador, Candidato, and a ton of others- but I am convinced this is my favorite Brazilian Band out their. This is their best overall album to date. They are just as good live. If you have a chance, go check them out.
  • Excellent Album from a classic fusion Brazilian band!

    From pmoore04
    O Rappa is an amazingly versatile band from that amazingly diverse country that is Brazil. They started as a rock and reggae band and have, through the years since their inception in the scene in 1993, grown and expanded their horizons with hip-hop and dub and soul not unlike the best of their contemporaries from Chico Science to Nacao Zumbi. This album is gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. Each song speaks to the rastafarian soul of everyman and woman who appreciates a good beat and a good ragga vibe. I love it even though I cant understand a word they are saying. The music just sips into you and doesn't let go. Highly recommend it. One of the best of 2008, without a doubt.
  • Muito, Muito bem!!!!!!

    From whadup ag
    Eu amo O rappa, E este álbum é definitivamente um dos melhores álbuns! Meu Santo Ta Cansado esta muito bem.
  • O Rappa is the best

    From Erik & Nana
    This is my favorite brazilian band. They have a great energy! Falcao is awesome!
  • O Rappa!

    From Cahhanka
    Uau, Otimo um dos melhores, me fez lembrar do Mundo Livre S/A onde a melodia acompanha a letra e virce versa ainda assim mantendo as raizes do Rappa.
  • Good brazilian pop music

    From squareshorts
    It's the first time I listen to one of their albums integrally. I have to say my mind was blown away. Give it a try!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!!!!

    From Silas DM
    All the musics in the album are great!! 100% SATISFACTION!!!! "O RAPPA" (U guys are the BEST). I got this album today, and I allready played the whole album 5 times. It's totally my number 1 band. muito boas as musicas!!... PARABENS!!!!! "O RAPPA!!" (vcs sao os melhores!!!!!)
  • Smooth and Powerful!!!

    From Slacktronic
    I have listened through this album twice now...I must say it is one of my favorite O Rappa albums to date. Smooth and Powerful!!! These guys have really come into their musical professionalism with this release. Tem que escutar! Valeu O Rappa!

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