Super Collider - Megadeth

Super Collider


  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 2013-01-01
  • Advanced: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Number: 11

  • ℗ 2013 Universal Music Enterprises, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


Name Artist Duration
Kingmaker Megadeth 4:16 1.29 USD
Super Collider Megadeth 4:11 1.29 USD
Burn! Megadeth 4:11 1.29 USD
Built for War Megadeth 3:57 1.29 USD
Off the Edge Megadeth 4:11 1.29 USD
Dance In the Rain Megadeth 4:45 1.29 USD
Beginning of Sorrow Megadeth 3:51 1.29 USD
The Blackest Crow Megadeth 4:27 1.29 USD
Forget to Remember Megadeth 4:28 1.29 USD
Don't Turn Your Back... Megadeth 3:47 1.29 USD
Cold Sweat Megadeth 3:10 1.29 USD


  • A Decent Album

    From Xenon647
    This album isn't as bad as some people are saying it is. Sure, some songs are a little bland but I actually enjoy this album more than I did with Risk. There are also some really good songs on here like, Kingmaker, Dance in The Rain, The Blackest Crow, and Built for War.
  • Dance in the rain!

    From Dblue351
    This songs makes the entire album! With a slower start and a heavy finish. Reminiscent of Metallicas One. Love it!
  • Not that bad

    From RockNRollStaaaa
    It's definitely not my favorite, but it's not bad. I actually think it's their best since United Abominations. To me, Megadeth started losing creativity with United Abominations. Endgame and Thirteen weren't diverse enough for me. They all kind of sounded the same. This is probably their most creative album since The System Has Failed. I can actually tell the songs apart. And if you think this is anything like Risk, you're insane. It's slightly more mainstream than Thirteen, but that's the only thing this and Risk have in common.
  • Still the best

    From Bricebnyc
    What a great album the best album since the system has failed. Only one regret is that Dave's voice is aging a little too much and they have to play untuned makes it loose energy a little but still an amazing work.
  • Super Collider

    From I hope it gets fixed
    There has been a lot of hate for this album and I understand why. This isn't a thrash album, it's a hard rock album. Sure it isn't traditional Megadeth but there is nothing wrong with hard rock. One of Mustaine's favorite albums is by AC/DC! Good album just not great
  • Good Album!

    From Ushanka17
    It might be a little different, but it's NOT TERRIBLE. There's only like 1 song that I don't care for. It's only $7.99 anyway. I like it a lot. Would rather listen to Countdown to Extinction though.
  • Just God AWFUL

    From Hawaiian Lion55
    This album in an abomination! Dave Mustaine should be disgraced to call this Megadeth! I don't understand all the people that actually like this. There are Haters for a reason, this is just God AWFUL!!!
  • Poor megadeth

    From Salvatallica
    sad to see megadeth doesnt have the fire they did 20 years ago
  • It's good, but not thrash.

    From Musicianman2501
    After I heard the single "Super Collider", I was like meh, but I still had high expectations. Guys stop hating on this! I know it's not their best, but it's good IMO. 1. Kingmaker: 10/10; A killer opener to this! 2. Super Collider: 6/10; Boring! I only like the solos and somewhat the chorus. 3. Burn!: 8.75/10; Chorus is alright, but overall, awesome song! 4. Built for War: 10/10; A very heavy track! 5. Off the Edge: 9/10; Cool song. 6. Dance In the Rain: 6.5/10; The part with David Draiman singing was meh. 7. Beginning of Sorrow: 7.25/10; Chorus is repetitive. 8. The Blackest Crow: 6/10; The weakest track off the album. 9. Forget to Remember: 7.5/10; Meh, chorus gets repetitive. 10. Don't Turn Your Back...:10/10; One of the strongest off this. 11. Cold Sweat: 9.5/10; Cool ending to a good album that gets highly negative reviews. Average ratings of this album: 8.2/10; It's not traditional Megadeth (no thrash) but it's a good album Recommended tracks: Kingmaker Burn! Built for War Off the Edge Don't Turn Your Back... Cold Sweat
  • Please no

    From Xenon8282